The Aravali Tent Resort


The Aravali Tent Resort is a beautiful natural paradise situated in heart of Lakecity (Udaipur) near Lake Pichola in the interior of Samor Bagh opposite Sajjan Niwas Garden surrounded by The Aravali range of mountains. It has the romance of luxury tent which have always been an important part of Rajput and Mughal lifestyles, whenever they camped far away from forts and palaces for hunting trips, special events, wars, they used have an unique experience of living in adventurous tented camps. The resort has the shadow of those adventurous heritage tents where the traditional colors are preserved.The morning of Aravali Tent Resort welcomes the sweet chirping of beautiful birds; sun bow towards the trees of Aravali Tent Resort and the moon gives the chill out atmosphere and music sets the tone for an intensively fascinating and glamorous night. The resort is surrounded by lush green trees which beautifies it naturally.

A beautiful and simple rural manor that is perfect if you want to respite from the rigor of Indian Roads and the busy schedule. The Aravali is an adorable and natural place to stay where you can make your holidays memorable. It makes you experience Rajasthan in its true essence and colors where you can enjoy the simplicity of a village life.

The natural charm of the place is in itself the most exquisite feature of our hospitality. The best part of the tents is that they are very safe and secure as they are innovatively crafted in a colorful way with the highest quality fixtures and the most comfortable furnishings. Every tent is beautifully furnished with antique furniture and has comfortable attached bathrooms with other important facilities like A.C., T.V., Telephone."

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